Due to differences in skin color, hair color and eye color, the jewelry sections of all nations of the world are different. For example, blonde caucasian is suitable to take light warm colored gemstones jewelry, such as pink garnet earrings and ross quartz statement necklaces, because they can increase the flush of the skin and make it full of vigor or vitality.

Yellow oriental with black hair and black pupil should wear warm colorful jewelry. They can choose red, orange or, beige gems such as ruby, garnet and topaz, etc., which can make the face have good color.

Person whose skin is relatively red may use light green, dark green jewelry, but should not wear red, purple or bright blue gems, so as not to accentuate the face to purple. Dark-skinned people should not wear white or pink stones, so that the skin won’t appear darker because of contrasting. They can take citrine, topaz etc color stones jewelry, which can play a good role in diluting skin color.