1.Decorative landscaping. Gold and silver jewelry, jade, gems,colorful beaded and rhinestones or other costume jewelry are produced to decorate and beautify the person.Wearing fit jewelry to make people more confident.

2.Symbolic: jewelry is a symbol of wealth, elegance, firm purity, health and longevity.

3. Memorable: such as various birthstone jewelry, engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary jewelry,birthday gift and dragon and phoenix jade couple pieces.

4. Present personality: jewelry can reflect a person's temperament and demeanor, from it, people can determine a person's interests, hobbies, literacy, occupation, age and economic status. Like vintage jewelry,diamond jewelry,chunky costume jewerly,boho jewelry,statement jewelry or other style jewelry.

5. The practical value and hedge effect.

6. The health effects: jade jewelry after pondering can form a magnetic field, having a special role in the treatment or prevention.