With the development of society, gold, platinum, etc.Have become jewelry Materials that a lot of people can afford.However, after long period of use, some people began to get unsatisfied, gold and platinum colors are single, which is no longer able to meet their requirement. Then K gold appeared, making up the soft hardness characteristics of gold.And when making K gold, a variety of different colors appears, which instantly attracted many people's attention. At present, this color-based K gold, diamond, and gemstone jewelry play a "leading role" in the gold market, welcomed by the beauty ladies of all ages.

K gold itself is an alloy made from gold and other metals. It's harder than pure gold, making up the shortcomings of the hardness of soft gold. K gold has a lot of colors, the common ones in the market are pink, white, light blue and rose hermosa, Compared with the traditional gold and platinum, K gold is not only bright in colors, which relatively easy to attract the consumer's attention, but also dynamic, In many gold shop, K gold occupied the most prominent position of the counter.K gold jewelry can also use several colors of K gold to made, such as using K white gold, K gold and rose gold to made pendant and rings, K gold jewelry is most suitable for people who has white skin.

Currently, K gold jewelry has occupied a space in the gold market. The main reason this happens is the K gold's prices. The price of gold and platinum is always high, although recently the price of gold has decreased, it still is not a low figure. Another reason is that the color of gold and platinum is single, people's aesthetic is constantly changing, so they begin love K gold after wearing Gold and Platinum jewelries for a long time.