Jewelry are generally belongs to crafts, including pearls, precious stones and jade, which is also known as jewelery or gem. Different types of jewelry have different meanings in different periods, how is it? Here introduce some knowledge about jewelry

1. Jewelry is a very precious commodity

Jewelry is a natural precious wealth. Mineral naturally formed is about three thousand kinds, but only about 150 kinds of mineral materials can be used to make jewelry, and only 20 kinds are common, thus we can see that it is rare. The mining of many gem minerals is extremely difficult and during the gemstones minerals mined,the amount that can really become precious jewelry is much fewer. Take diamond as an example, diamond is the low grade negative mineral in kimberlites, to get 1ct jewelry-grade diamond, averagely 250 tons to diamond-contained kimberlite should be used. If we take the prospecting, exploration, mining, sorting, processing, and other processes into account, it is not hard to imagine how precious a grain of tiny diamonds we see in the market. For natural stones, its precious nature is also reflected in that it is non-renewable resource, many precious stones are formed in the long geological process, over millions of years or even billions of years, with the extensive mining of resources of natural stone, this limited resource will be less and less, so their precious features will be more stand out

The precious feature of jewelry is also reflected in the exquisite decoration which is produced by artificial processing, each product represents an artist's creative style or the cultural background of an era.

2. Jewelry is a exchangeable goods

Human commodity exchange activities led to the emergence and development of the market. Jewelry is one of the common goods in commodity activities, and it is this commodity exchange activities led to the creation of the jewelry market.

In early human activity, people learned to use shells and pretty stones to make simple ornaments, if these decorations get the attention of others, it makes it possible to achieve exchange. People can also use them to exchange the items they need.This is the meaning of the appearance of personality jewelry and fashion statement jewelry.

To study the origins of the world currency, we will find that a lot of gold and silver jewelry play a role of monetary or quasi-currency at various times, nowadays, thought every national currencies are matures, there are still exist changing items with fine jewelries.