In current jewelry market, gold and platinum are still giants. But people gradually want to have some changes as the gold and platinum color is single, therefore, the colorful K gold starts coming into sight. So, what is the material of colorful K gold?

In fact, it is a combination product which is made from the gold and other metals, it is a synthesis precious metal. it also has some different from platinum: Platinum is white, but the K gold is colorful, the K gold we see on the market today are usually single rose gold jewelry, but there are also jewelry integrated two or three colors. These different colors are based on the characteristics of the metals which combined with gold metal. However, since the main ingredients of K gold is gold, its price is still be affected by the price of gold.

Red K gold: gold, silver and copper can be formulated to be red and light red K gold, gold and aluminum can be formulated into a bright red K gold.

Green K gold: adding small amounts of cadmium in gold, silver and copper alloys can be formulated into a green K gold.

Blue K gold: adding cobalt on the surface of gold and iron alloy can get blue K gold.

White K gold: Adding nickel or palladium in gold-copper alloy to form white K gold.

Black K gold: adding high concentrations of iron in gold, there is a black 14K gold whose gold ratio is 58% and iron 42%.

Gray K gold: it is usually from an appropriate concentration of iron.