Jewelry can add confidence of the wearer, learn to take the right jewelry to increase your charm


Necklace is very popular female ornaments, but because of difference of the length of neck and the face shape, the effect of wearing necklace are not the same.

People with round face should take long chunky necklace and people with wide face should choose small, long pendant necklace, people whose neck is short should choose long line necklace or tower type necklace whose beads is gradually big from up and down, this will increase the length of the neck visually, don’t take a thick necklace, if the neck is lender, you can wear short necklace, especially necklace with colorful breads, short necklace makes people look youthful, energetic and long necklace makes people seem mature.


Slender fingers fit a wide variety of rings, especially diamond rings, jade ring or some other large gemstone cocktail rings, which will set your finger off even more beautiful. Short and flat fingers will seem slender if taking egg-shaped, diamond-shaped or elongated rings, narrow side rings is good for short fingers.


An rich wrist is fit to take wide and loose bracelets, or multi rows wrap bracelets,thin and loose bracelet will make wrist seem thick, thin wrist should take some narrow bracelets,too wide bracelet will make wrist poorer.

Chain Bracelets

The wrist is the more delicate parts of the body. With the movement of the hand, it is very simple to attract the attention of others and affect your impression. Therefore the style of chain bracelets need to meet the thickness of wrist and the apparent degree of wrist bones.

Slender wrist with not obvious wrist bone is the perfect wrist, it is ok to wear any basic chain, modeling chain or main chain.

Slender wrist with obvious wrist bones is suitable to wear two basic chains, which will make the wrists more feminine.

Rich wrist with not obvious bone is appropriate to wear wide chains, bright and generous.
Rich wrist with obvious bone is suitable to wear special chains to divert others’ attention from the wrist to the bracelet.